Monday, November 5, 2012


Thanks to my last post, Taking and Giving, I've got some ideas for my next few projects. First I need to clean out my garage because, if you've read my headcrab zombie post, I've got a lot of junk laying around my garage floor. Once all that's gone, I can properly arrange my tools and make a more workflow-oriented area. Then, after I've finally gotten things back to normal in there, I'll begin work on the following.

First, I'm gonna tackle the omni tool, from the Mass Effect series, as requested by Pixelthing. I'm thinking some properly cut / shaped orange plexiglass and some clever lighting will make this quite awesome. Additionally, she requested that it include the blade, so some kind of spring mechanism needs to be included. If I can get the circular parts at the hand to rotate, that'd be even cooler! We'll see, though. The electronics may wind up limiting the total number of moving parts.