Monday, November 5, 2012


Thanks to my last post, Taking and Giving, I've got some ideas for my next few projects. First I need to clean out my garage because, if you've read my headcrab zombie post, I've got a lot of junk laying around my garage floor. Once all that's gone, I can properly arrange my tools and make a more workflow-oriented area. Then, after I've finally gotten things back to normal in there, I'll begin work on the following.

First, I'm gonna tackle the omni tool, from the Mass Effect series, as requested by Pixelthing. I'm thinking some properly cut / shaped orange plexiglass and some clever lighting will make this quite awesome. Additionally, she requested that it include the blade, so some kind of spring mechanism needs to be included. If I can get the circular parts at the hand to rotate, that'd be even cooler! We'll see, though. The electronics may wind up limiting the total number of moving parts.

After the omni tool, comes the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, from the eternal Monty Pytyon and the Holy Grail. This was one of the items suggested by Ben Hastings, amongst other items from the same film. I opted to go with the hand grenade because I haven't seen any replicas online that do it justice. I plan on including the full wooden box lined with red velvet as well, to complete the package. After all, the grenade itself is little more than a sphere with some aesthetic peripherals.

Finally, one of my IRL friends suggested Rick Deckard's blaster from Blade Runner. This is a largely favorite and widely-replicated prop, so I've got my work cut out for me. The translucent orange hand grip will be interesting to figure out, but I figure I can manage the rest with some woodworking and detailed paint jobs. Good  thing there are tons of reference photos out there for someone like me trying to make one from scratch.

After I've got these complete and sent off to their new owners (if they wind up liking / wanting them), then I've got an idea for something I want to make for myself. Since, as noted in the Skyrim Iron Helmet post, my wife has been playing lots of Skyrim lately, it's rekindled my own addiction to the game and now I want to make just about everything I see in-game. But I can only do so much, so I've got my eye on this Dwemer helmet:
So I've got some fun ahead of me! Woohoo!

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